Wednesday, December 29, 2010

preview: Graftobian HD glamour creme foundation

Finally! Ive been waiting for this for almost a week :P.. take a look at the newest member of my makeup stash :D

Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Foundation

This is my 2nd HD foundie, my first was Hera HD foundie which I ordered from a Multiply seller. I actually have high hopes for this, I read rave reviews from various MUA that this delivers very well and looks good on both photographs and real life. I am about to find out if the claims are true. Read on for the preview ;)

The shade I got is Vixen, I am a little in between NC20-25 in MAC and I think the shade match is pretty much spot on! I was a little shocked when I first saw it, I wasn't expecting it to be this small:O. Here's a photo of the Graftobian dish side by side with my MAC MSF for comparison~

too small for a foundation right? it looks more like a concealer because of how small the dish is :P

but when I opened it, I was happy to see that it's full to the brim!

swatched for about 2x, it's very creamy and pigmented

see how it covers the veins on my hand? I hope it does the same on my acne spots :)


It's very pigmented, you can easily go full coverage with this. It covers like no other foundation in my stash, and for that you can also use this as a concealer. You only need a tiny bit if you want a sheerer coverage. It is very buildable and easy to spread on because of its consistency. The finish dries to a matte. I read that it is best applied with a damp sponge, preferably a damp Beauty Blender sponge :P. Maybe Ill try it first with an ordinary sponge. Im not sure if Im ready to buy the Beauty Blender yet because of the hefty price tag :O.
I tried blotting it with a tissue and some foundation transferred :( I haven't tried setting it with a powder yet but I will do update once I get to wear it a couple of times. I can see myself loving this foundation because of the buildable coverage, the flawless finish it gives and how it photographs. (this is just based on the swatches I did above). I am hoping that this would be my HG HD :)

added infos:

Graftobian HD creme foundation also comes in a palette in warm, neutral and cool tone, they have like 5 shades in each palette. You can check out Graftobian's site for the shades.

for Filipina beauties who like to try this, I purchased mine @ sis Steph's website:

thanks for reading, Happy New Year!!

Peace & Love for us all in the coming years!


  1. I can see how it somehow concealed the veins on your had. Seems like a really good foundation. But I agree that it's small! :P

  2. it really is small but I think this will last me a year or so because of how pigmented this is! I really like it except for the fact that this is NOT transfer resistant :( thanks pammy for the comment! Happy New Year! :D

  3. I have the palette and warm and I love it :)

  4. wow it really is small but looks like it gives great coverage x

  5. Thanks for the review and swatches!:D Such an amazing pigmentation.

    Happy New Year and I am your newest follower!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. @everyday makeup (becky)- im loving my graftobian dish too!! Im just having trouble applying/blending this :(, this is becoming my HG though so YAY for that! :D thanks for the comment :)

    @nikkay- hi! yup it really is small o_0, but because of how crazy pigmented this is, it will last you for months! so I think this is a pretty great deal :)

    @marie- thanks!! Im folowing you now too! :D

  7. Oh, you are nc30-35 :) not nc20 ;) I'm sure :D. I have Enchantress and I love love love it :).