Thursday, March 10, 2011

a Review: Beauty Blender

I had the chance to try this little cutie without having to pay for the regular price. All I can say is, Im glad I didn’t have to pay that much for it. Why? Well, simply because I’m quite disappointed.. I was so excited to get this because of all the hype. I mean $20 for a sponge?!! Well if the claims are true, why not? If it could cut my makeup application time and would make me look flawless and airbrushed then I would gladly shell out money for that. But then, to my disappointment, it did not. I tried a lot of ways to use this (like wet and dry) but the result is always the same. I tried using this in applying cream, and liquid foundations. Both produced average results. True that using this will leave no streaks and blending is quite easy but I find that it applies the foundation so sheer and it eats so much of my foundation (liquid) I had to use like 2 or 3 pumps for my whole face to give me enough coverage. But what Im most disappointed about is that my 35 pesos sponge works and applies wayyy better.. no Im not exaggerating, it’s just the way it is. I look more airbrushed and my application is more even when I use my cheap sponge. I know I should be happy because I wont need to buy this again but looking at how cute it is, makes me want to buy it still :p

The only time I use this is when I'm applying my concealer (I use the narrow-end tip). It does a great job in that department. I think I'm keeping this for that sole purpose only. I also tried applying my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural using my BB and it works just fine.I really want to like this, coz it's so cute! But I guess what may work wonders for others may not work that way for me. It didnt come with a cleanser, so I just washed it with a regular soap (hehe, I know it can harm the sponge) but I have no choice, I had to clean it up using good old safeguard :D

May I add that this is a favorite of Rihanna and Taylor Swift.. I wonder if they do their own makeup? Oh well, I guess my search goes on for the perfect applicator. I would love to try the famous MAC 187 but Im not ready yet to splurge that much for a brush :p

(Im loving my Graftobian creme foundation :D, took this picture using Skype)

Peace & Love