Thursday, March 10, 2011

a Review: Beauty Blender

I had the chance to try this little cutie without having to pay for the regular price. All I can say is, Im glad I didn’t have to pay that much for it. Why? Well, simply because I’m quite disappointed.. I was so excited to get this because of all the hype. I mean $20 for a sponge?!! Well if the claims are true, why not? If it could cut my makeup application time and would make me look flawless and airbrushed then I would gladly shell out money for that. But then, to my disappointment, it did not. I tried a lot of ways to use this (like wet and dry) but the result is always the same. I tried using this in applying cream, and liquid foundations. Both produced average results. True that using this will leave no streaks and blending is quite easy but I find that it applies the foundation so sheer and it eats so much of my foundation (liquid) I had to use like 2 or 3 pumps for my whole face to give me enough coverage. But what Im most disappointed about is that my 35 pesos sponge works and applies wayyy better.. no Im not exaggerating, it’s just the way it is. I look more airbrushed and my application is more even when I use my cheap sponge. I know I should be happy because I wont need to buy this again but looking at how cute it is, makes me want to buy it still :p

The only time I use this is when I'm applying my concealer (I use the narrow-end tip). It does a great job in that department. I think I'm keeping this for that sole purpose only. I also tried applying my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural using my BB and it works just fine.I really want to like this, coz it's so cute! But I guess what may work wonders for others may not work that way for me. It didnt come with a cleanser, so I just washed it with a regular soap (hehe, I know it can harm the sponge) but I have no choice, I had to clean it up using good old safeguard :D

May I add that this is a favorite of Rihanna and Taylor Swift.. I wonder if they do their own makeup? Oh well, I guess my search goes on for the perfect applicator. I would love to try the famous MAC 187 but Im not ready yet to splurge that much for a brush :p

(Im loving my Graftobian creme foundation :D, took this picture using Skype)

Peace & Love

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a review: MAC chromagraphic pencil in NW25/NC30

*photo taken from MAC website

A highly pigmented wood-clenched pencil with a firm lead and silky soft application. Use for outlining, defining and drawing. Creates an intense line that blends down for a softer, diffused effect.
~according to MAC website

Price~ I can't find the box but I think this sells a little over a thousand pesos (1,200+) in the local (MOA) MAC store
        -$14.50 in MAC website

Availability~ Limited, though Im not sure if it is permanent in MAC pro stores.

Shade~ NW25/ NC30, also available in NC15/ NW20

My thoughts on this~

I love lining my waterline with white eyeliner, it just makes me look awake and makes my whole look bright. I already have the MAC eyeliner in Fascinating and I love how pigmented and long lasting that one is. You only need a quick swipe and the color stays there the whole day.

So when I saw MAC's Chromographic pencil, I just thought that it would look subtle and pretty on the waterline. The first time I saw chromagraphic pencils was I think last year, it came out with Pret-a-papier collection, I was very much intigued because it is multipurpose, meaning you can use this as an eyeliner (this instead of a white/black liner on waterline) and as a concealer. I tried using it both ways. First as an eyeliner, it gives me a well-rested look and it is so natural, it doesn't give me that weird look that sometimes white eyeliner gives me :p.This glides smoothly and easily on my waterline. The other way I use this is as a concealer which Im not really happy, why, you ask? Well, this can cover spots just fine (coz this had that flesh-toned color just like normal concealers), but the staying power is what I am disappointed about. This just doesnt last on me, so if you are oily just like me and you are planning to get this for concealing purposes alone, I suggest getting a regular concealer like those in pots. I heard Laura Mercier carries the best concealers (as raved by a Chanel SA :D) I just havent tried them yet, so maybe you could check out LM counters and  test their concealers.

Overall, Im not too satisfied with this. The only reason Im keeping this is because I love the effect it gives on my waterline. But cheaper eye pencils can give that too, so I wont be repurchasing. Sorry MAC :P

here are samples of the swatches:
(I'll try to update this and include a photo of how it looks on the waterline)

(Im sorry if this is a little late)
Here is MAC's Chromagraphic pencil in NW25/NC30 applied on the waterline

you can see here how it somehow "lifted" my eye. it also gives a brighter effect and looks more natural than the white eyeliner

I forgot to add that this fade a little more faster than my white eyeliner (MAC Fascinating). I never have to retouch when Im using Fascinating. I hope this helps, thanks for looking :)

Peace & Love♥♥

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a Review: MAC blot in medium dark

If only the oil that's springing from my sebaceous glands are as precious as that of a gasoline, I would be a multi-billionaire by now :D Yes ladies, that's how oily I am.. and to add more insult to the injury- I am living in a tropical country and most days are hot and humid, most foundations would fade by midday on my uber oily face. The only foundation that keep my face oil-free for an hour or two is Dior Extreme Fit, but Im not gonna talk about Dior yet. This review is for MAC's famous blotting powder, I have it in Medium Dark. After using it for a few days, I still cant tell if I really like this well. First, because it's not SUPERB in oil control, this is just AVERAGE-well for the price I expected a lot more :p. Read on for more of my thoughts regarding this powder :)

MAC Blot powder in Medium Dark

Price- this costs P1,200 for 12 g / 0.42 US oz in local MAC stores. It sells for $23 in MAC website.

Packaging- I love that this is a pressed one that I can bring anywhere, it is very travel-friendly. What I dont like though is that there is no separate compartment for the puff, I mean MAC, talk about being sanitary noh?

Shade- I have this in Medium Dark and the shade is just right for my NC20-25 skin tone. The MA in the MAC counter told me that this is translucent, I believe so but this is not totally translucent, it still has faint pigments and can therefore change the color of your foundation(especially upon application), but not too much like the regular pressed powder.

Application- the application is a breeze, I actually like the puff it came with :) One thing though, make sure that you blot first before applying this, to prevent your makeup from caking up.

Finish- Im not really a fan of the finish. This can make you look powdery, flat and unnatural. There are shades available so make sure that you get the shade that will fit your skintone. Medium dark is still quite light, dont be decieved by the word dark in there. Those with dry skin, make sure to moisturize!! This accentuates flakes and dry areas on face.

*sorry* for the poor swatch.. but you can see here how powdery it looks and how it accentuates dry areas on my finger :p

Coverage- I find that this has very little to no coverage at all, well you can wear it alone if you're gifted with blemish-free skin, but for those needing more coverage you'll rather get disappointed with this. MAC blot I think is made for touch-ups alone.

Wear- Im gonna be judging the wear of this powder depending on how long it keeps my face matte. From a scale of 1-5 with 5 being Fantabulous, I guess this is a 3 for me :P. Not so much oil control there but I dont know, maybe that's just me since my face is an oil factory :p. It does keep my face matte for a couple of hours though like 3-4, after that I would already see traces of oil.

Breakouts- Luckily, MAC products have been good to me, I havent experience any breakouts from any of their products. Be wary though for I know some girls breakout from this.

Overall, Im just OK with this, I can't see myself repurchasing again since Im quite disappointed with the oil-control. I love that I can bring this when I travel and not worry about spills and messy touch-ups. Kryolan Anti-Shine powder is more superior in oil-control than this but Id rather tote this than Kryolan so I guess Im still keeping this.

Peace & Love♥♥

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

inexpensive finds♥

Ohh I love inexpensive stuffs :)
Here's what kept me busy for the past few days.. shopping!!

I bought most of them at Landmark Makati, I always find something to buy there :p
Items (image2-6) cost P350/$8 below. While the dresses are on 50% sale(P600-P700/$16). I shop so much this past weeks, these are just some of the items I got, I'll be posting more next time :) Maybe Ill post some OOTD too♥.. teehee (just maybe.. coz Ill need more guts for that :p)

Peace & Love♥

Friday, January 28, 2011

my blog's very first award :D

First of all, I want to thank sis Ayie of Bauble & Beyond for giving me this award. I cant believe Im receiving one!! I dont know if I deserve it though since Ive been MIA for days already :( But still I want to show my appreciation to sis Ayie, thank you really from the bottom of my heart :)


1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award(s)

7 things about me

1. I am addicted to ice creams and yoghurts.

2. I have a very sensitive throat that I often get sore throat after eating/drinking anything cold (it's my curse.. see no.1)

3. I can't go out of the house without makeup on

4. I am a crybaby I easily cry over the most nonsensical things 

5. I am a licensed nurse here in the Philippines and in California

6. I have a boyfriend who's been with me since the last 7 years and I cannot live without him

7. The boyfriend and I are planning to get married and have children this year :)

I would like to share this wonderful award to this beautiful bloggers:

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6. che of lovefemme
7. mara of mara-x-mara
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Peace & Love for us all!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

the bucket list

"Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play, and to look up at the stars"
                        -Henry Van Dyke

Ive been meaning to watch this movie for the longest time but I just haven't found the time to do it yet :( I still made a list though to give me something to strive & hope for ;) Now, without further ado~

  1. get married to my bf
  2. have children
  3. visit all Disneyland parks
  4. part deux Boracay vacation
  5. see the pyramids in Egypt
  6. tour France
  7. tour Prague
  8. eat Gelato in Italy
  9. try the subways in New York
  10. ride the bullet train in Japan
  11. get a pixie cut
  12. skinny dipping @ sunset
  13. ride a camel
  14. learn to cook :P
  15. get a henna tattoo
  16. take makeup classes
  17. sing for the bf
  18. stay in a hotel- done! (2009)
  19. shop in sephora
  20. shop in Rodeo drive
  21. buy my bf an Armani suit
  22. celebrate our 20th anniversary in Paris, France
  23. join a marathon
  24. donate money to a charity
  25. fly a kite
  26. visit Intramuros
  27. ride a Kalesa
  28. finish college- done! (2008)
  29. pass the local licensure exam- done! (2008)
  30. pass the NCLEX- done! (2009)
  31. pass the IELTS- done! (2010)
  32. work as a nurse- done! (2008)
  33. wear a skimpy bikini- done! (2010)
  34. shop in hong kong- done! (2009)
  35. get a boobjob- joke!! hehe
  36. cook together with the bf- done!
  37. play videogames with the bf- done!
  38. visit a museum
  39. ride a plane- done! (2009)
  40. hongkong disneyland park- done! (2009)
  41. get a tan-done! (2010)
  42. visit Sentosa Singapore
  43. ride a cable car- done! (2009)
  44. watch the sunset together with the bf
  45. stargaze
  46. snorkel- done! (2010)
  47. drive a car
  48. learn to pole dance :D
  49. say I love you to everyone I love
  50. greet & hug a total stranger
  51. read at least 10 books a year
  52. ride a ship
  53. meet my granchildren
  54. visit any Universal Studios
  55. have a blog- done! (2010)
  56. dance in the rain
  57. dye my hair red
  58. candlelit dinner with the bf
  59. dine underwater
  60. start a business
  61. watch Indiana Jones & Starwars with the bf
  62. french kiss in public in a foreign country
  63. attend a concert- done! (2009)
  64. see the northern lights
  65. experience true love- done! (2004-up to present-till forever)
  66. go to Baguio
  67. climb a mountain
  68. explore a cave
  69. eat a gallon of vanilla ice cream in one seating
  70. learn to ride a bicycle
  71. sleep on a canopy bed- done!
  72. attend a concert of Charice
  73. get a master's degree
  74. experience clubbing
  75. be two places at one time ( like crossing borders)
  76. have my own house with a garden
  77. go skiing
  78. build a snowman
  79. dress up in costume party
  80. see snow
  81. see fireflies
  82. play and finish Chrono Cross
  83. experience the cherry blossoms in Japan
  84. own a Louis Vuitton bag
  85. own a beachfront house in Boracay
  86. have at least 100 followers in my blog
  87. try Conti's choco overload cake
  88. try Banapple's Jeeper's Creepers pie
  89. join a cruise
  90. work in WHO
  91. take 10,000 pictures
  92. fly firstclass
  93. visit Hershey's chocolate world in Singapore
  94. learn a new word everyday
  95. take my family on a vacation abroad
  96. shop in the floating market of Bangkok
  97. have my navel pierced
  98. watch WWE LIVE
  99. watch "the bucket list"
  100. experience all of this together with my bf

one for every year of my life, that is, if I live to be a hundred :P

 But if I dont live long enough to do all of that, I hope I can at least make happen the first two :)

what about you? what are the things you want to do before you "kick the bucket"?

"Is it so small a thing
To have enjoy'd the sun,
To have lived light in the spring,
To have loved, to have thought, to have done..."
- Matthew Arnold

*images taken from google & flicker

Monday, January 10, 2011

what's in my makeup bag?

I always seem to have this insatiable appetite on finding out what others carry in their makeup bag. I know, Im too nosy like that (^_^) It's really not fair, so to make up for that Im gonna be sharing mine :)

mine, in leopard print :)

Graftobian HD Glamour creme in Vixen

This is my new HG foundation, I always make sure to set this well with a powder  for this to last all day on me. I love the finish, it's definitely flawless and covers my acne spots so well! Ive been using this ever since I got this, Ill be posting an update once I get to use this for a couple of weeks more. I havent had any breakouts so far (crossed fingers*), and I hope it stays that way :) I bring this with me just in case I need to redo my makeup.

MAC Studio Finish concealer

This is the only concealer I use right now, it's not really a shade match in heaven :P but this covers so well. Very easy to bring around since it is very small and compact :)

NARS loose powder in Eden & Kryolan Anti-shine powder

The packaging these powders came with are not so travel-friendly so I had them transferred to a smaller container with sifters so I would get to carry them around with me for retouch. I use NARS loose powder when I feel like my foundation is coming off, it has a decent coverage for a loose powder and can cover some minor scars/discolorations (I still use my MAC concealer though before applying this) NARS doesnt have much oil-control that's why I carry a separate powder. Kryolan Anti-shine powder works better in controlling my oilies. This gives no coverage since it only comes in one shade which is translucent. I would love this more if it comes in pressed form. I'll be doing swatches and separate review for this :)

 Elf complexion brush

I use this for retouch. It's not really that great and I can't compare it with other high-end brushes since I dont own any yet, but this does a good job of distributing powder on my face. The hairs are fine, they're not scratchy but not too soft either. I haven't experienced any major shedding with this since I use this, so for the price I think it's a good deal. I don't use any sponges/puffs for powder retouch because they tend to apply more product to my face thus making my makeup look caked :p.

NARS Sex Appeal blush

This is my "retouch blush". I don't bring my other blushes with me as they are very pigmented. Public comfort rooms have different lightings so I oftentimes overblush myself {teehee, is there such a word?} NARS Sex Appeal is so subtle you can never overdo it. I sometimes dont need to face a mirror to apply this, because I know that in 2 or 3 swipes it would still be looking perfect and natural :)

MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish in Perfect Topping

One of my favorite highlighters. I usually tote this one instead of my NARS copacabana (I want to save every bit of it since Im already running out :()Among my powder highlighters, this is the easiest to apply, Albatross is very easy to overdo while my NARS Nico is very subtle. So this make it easier for touch-ups. It gives a beautiful, believable sheen. It has very tiny glitters but nothing over-the-top. I dont know if you can use this all over the face as I haven't tried that yet, I haven't use this as a blush either, I only use this as a highlighter which I think works great. This is limited edition though, so for those who are interested maybe you can check out ebay or other sites that may still carry this.

Marionnaud's blush brush

I love this brush! It's so soft and the size is just right for distributing blush on my cheeks! I think this one is made of synthetic hair, it is quite dense and it picks up just the right amount of product and applies it evenly on the cheeks. I would buy this over and over again. A bonus is that it is so inexpensive, about less than 4 dollars. It killed my lemmings for high-end brushes like MAC. Though I would like to try a MAC brush too, maybe someday :D. I love a product that is affordable and yet delivers well. I dont know if they sell this in other countries like the US, I have seen a Marionnaud store in HK but Im not sure if they carry these brushes.

MAC's eye kohl in Fascinating

I love using this on my waterline. This instantly gives me the wide-awake eyes and brightens my whole look.This is also very long lasting. I actually don't use this much during touch-ups but I still carry it though just in case :)


I love toting this coz it's so cute- nuff said :)

Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating pressed powder in Beige Lumineux (in tacky packaging o_O)

You must be wondering at first what product this is? This is the Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating pressed powder in Beige Lumineux :D. I was so lucky to score a refill of this since the one that is available in Guerlain counters is so expensive! I cant find a more decent case to put this, so I guess this vintage-y cardboard would do fine :) I dont mind not having the luxurious packaging, because the product is so excellent! This is my most favorite pressed powder :) I love using this for touch-ups. Below is a photo of what the actual product looks like~

*photo taken from Guerlain's website

Etude House Dear Darling Tint

Gives me the i-just-ate-a-popsicle lips :D. I dont wear lipsticks, I actually dont own one :P I cant stand the ickyness of the lipstick on my lips (maybe I should opt for a matte formula noh?) I also think that lipsticks make my lips more noticeable which I don't like since I already got thick lips and I dont want to emphasize them anymore :( This here, gives the perfect got-bitten-lips. Perfect for touch-ups since it comes with a doe-foot wand, it spreads and stains my lips so easily you only need a few swipes and you're good to go. This is not very lasting though, Im still on the hunt for the perfect lipstain, so goodluck to me :P

Aveeno essential Moisture Lip balm & the oh so cutesy & yummy Gelato Chocolate lipbalm :)

Im not really a fan of lip products as I have said in my previous posts, but whenever I experience chapped, dry, cracked lips (which I often do) this is my go-to products. I like Aveeno coz it moisturizes my lips so well without being overly greasy. It also has a bonus SPF 15 too! I love my Gelato lipbalm just the same, it's not really that great in moisturizing my lips but it smells like chocolates! I love using it just for that reason alone :p and the packaging it came with is so cute! looks just like a pint of ice cream :)

Oil Blotters

I can never leave the house without this! Im such on oily gal so this is a must for me. My favorite is the Clean & Clear Oil Control Films, absorbs oil so well, leaves my makeup looking fresh everytime :)

MAC's Fix+

This (as well as the Guerlain powder) is not really in my makeup bag coz it doesn't fit there but I included this because I use this also for retouch. I spray this on my face after applying powder and voila! no more powdery look :) I use this quite often, it takes away the powdery look without ruining my makeup. As you can see in the picture, I am already running out :( Im not sure if I'll repurchase though.

Phew! That was quite long :D
That's it for my what's in my makeup bag post :)

What about you? What's in your makeup bag? Do share ;)

Peace & Love