Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a review: MAC chromagraphic pencil in NW25/NC30

*photo taken from MAC website

A highly pigmented wood-clenched pencil with a firm lead and silky soft application. Use for outlining, defining and drawing. Creates an intense line that blends down for a softer, diffused effect.
~according to MAC website

Price~ I can't find the box but I think this sells a little over a thousand pesos (1,200+) in the local (MOA) MAC store
        -$14.50 in MAC website

Availability~ Limited, though Im not sure if it is permanent in MAC pro stores.

Shade~ NW25/ NC30, also available in NC15/ NW20

My thoughts on this~

I love lining my waterline with white eyeliner, it just makes me look awake and makes my whole look bright. I already have the MAC eyeliner in Fascinating and I love how pigmented and long lasting that one is. You only need a quick swipe and the color stays there the whole day.

So when I saw MAC's Chromographic pencil, I just thought that it would look subtle and pretty on the waterline. The first time I saw chromagraphic pencils was I think last year, it came out with Pret-a-papier collection, I was very much intigued because it is multipurpose, meaning you can use this as an eyeliner (this instead of a white/black liner on waterline) and as a concealer. I tried using it both ways. First as an eyeliner, it gives me a well-rested look and it is so natural, it doesn't give me that weird look that sometimes white eyeliner gives me :p.This glides smoothly and easily on my waterline. The other way I use this is as a concealer which Im not really happy, why, you ask? Well, this can cover spots just fine (coz this had that flesh-toned color just like normal concealers), but the staying power is what I am disappointed about. This just doesnt last on me, so if you are oily just like me and you are planning to get this for concealing purposes alone, I suggest getting a regular concealer like those in pots. I heard Laura Mercier carries the best concealers (as raved by a Chanel SA :D) I just havent tried them yet, so maybe you could check out LM counters and  test their concealers.

Overall, Im not too satisfied with this. The only reason Im keeping this is because I love the effect it gives on my waterline. But cheaper eye pencils can give that too, so I wont be repurchasing. Sorry MAC :P

here are samples of the swatches:
(I'll try to update this and include a photo of how it looks on the waterline)

(Im sorry if this is a little late)
Here is MAC's Chromagraphic pencil in NW25/NC30 applied on the waterline

you can see here how it somehow "lifted" my eye. it also gives a brighter effect and looks more natural than the white eyeliner

I forgot to add that this fade a little more faster than my white eyeliner (MAC Fascinating). I never have to retouch when Im using Fascinating. I hope this helps, thanks for looking :)

Peace & Love♥♥


  1. Great review. This is definitely not made to use as a concealer but great for the waterline as you stated. I like to use this but sometimes it gets rubbed onto my contacts.

  2. Please update with a pic on your waterline. I have that issue with using white liner on my waterline too. It's like kind of weird looking... Looking for a nude liner for the purpose of making my eye brighter and bigger without the weird white factor. Thanks.

  3. Nice blog ! :))) I like t ;]
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  4. @kristie- thank you!! I use contacts too but luckily I dont have any problems with it :) Maybe you can try putting eyeliners first, before contacts? that's what I usually do, I dont know if that's the proper way though :p

    @Fannie-Im sorry if the update is so late.. Im working on it now.. I still hope Ill be able to help :D

    @Marta design- thanks!!:) I just followed back :)