Tuesday, February 1, 2011

inexpensive finds♥

Ohh I love inexpensive stuffs :)
Here's what kept me busy for the past few days.. shopping!!

I bought most of them at Landmark Makati, I always find something to buy there :p
Items (image2-6) cost P350/$8 below. While the dresses are on 50% sale(P600-P700/$16). I shop so much this past weeks, these are just some of the items I got, I'll be posting more next time :) Maybe Ill post some OOTD too♥.. teehee (just maybe.. coz Ill need more guts for that :p)

Peace & Love♥


  1. I love the last piece you got! super cute! :)

  2. ooooh great finds!! i love the outfit in the second picture. is that a romper? or an outfit you put together? either way...its super cute! =D

    definitely do an OOTD!! I was shy doing OOTD's also...but once I did my first one, i can't stop doing them! lol =D

  3. @michelle- thanks michelle! its one of my fave too!♥

    @jezmacmania- it's a romper :) haha.. Im not sure if I have the courage to do an OOTD yet, but I really want to :D, maybe one of these days :) ooh btw, checked out your blog and I love your OOTDs!! I wish I could do an OOTD too, soon! :) love your blog♥

  4. I love the gray-ish dress in the first picture, so cute! :)

  5. Great loot - and so cheap, too! And do an OOTD :D

  6. @vintagemakeup- true! it really is cute :) Im lucky to find this during the sale♥

    @mai- i love cheap finds! theyre cute and most of all, guilt-free♥ hehe. will do mai, just need to overcome a lil bit of shyness :D

    thanks ladies for the all the comments really, your comments always make my day♥♥

  7. i love the second photo :) nice finds

  8. I love the clothes on the second picture !
    You have a cute blog (:

    Will you please check out my blog sometime? You can follow me if you like (: !