Monday, January 10, 2011

what's in my makeup bag?

I always seem to have this insatiable appetite on finding out what others carry in their makeup bag. I know, Im too nosy like that (^_^) It's really not fair, so to make up for that Im gonna be sharing mine :)

mine, in leopard print :)

Graftobian HD Glamour creme in Vixen

This is my new HG foundation, I always make sure to set this well with a powder  for this to last all day on me. I love the finish, it's definitely flawless and covers my acne spots so well! Ive been using this ever since I got this, Ill be posting an update once I get to use this for a couple of weeks more. I havent had any breakouts so far (crossed fingers*), and I hope it stays that way :) I bring this with me just in case I need to redo my makeup.

MAC Studio Finish concealer

This is the only concealer I use right now, it's not really a shade match in heaven :P but this covers so well. Very easy to bring around since it is very small and compact :)

NARS loose powder in Eden & Kryolan Anti-shine powder

The packaging these powders came with are not so travel-friendly so I had them transferred to a smaller container with sifters so I would get to carry them around with me for retouch. I use NARS loose powder when I feel like my foundation is coming off, it has a decent coverage for a loose powder and can cover some minor scars/discolorations (I still use my MAC concealer though before applying this) NARS doesnt have much oil-control that's why I carry a separate powder. Kryolan Anti-shine powder works better in controlling my oilies. This gives no coverage since it only comes in one shade which is translucent. I would love this more if it comes in pressed form. I'll be doing swatches and separate review for this :)

 Elf complexion brush

I use this for retouch. It's not really that great and I can't compare it with other high-end brushes since I dont own any yet, but this does a good job of distributing powder on my face. The hairs are fine, they're not scratchy but not too soft either. I haven't experienced any major shedding with this since I use this, so for the price I think it's a good deal. I don't use any sponges/puffs for powder retouch because they tend to apply more product to my face thus making my makeup look caked :p.

NARS Sex Appeal blush

This is my "retouch blush". I don't bring my other blushes with me as they are very pigmented. Public comfort rooms have different lightings so I oftentimes overblush myself {teehee, is there such a word?} NARS Sex Appeal is so subtle you can never overdo it. I sometimes dont need to face a mirror to apply this, because I know that in 2 or 3 swipes it would still be looking perfect and natural :)

MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish in Perfect Topping

One of my favorite highlighters. I usually tote this one instead of my NARS copacabana (I want to save every bit of it since Im already running out :()Among my powder highlighters, this is the easiest to apply, Albatross is very easy to overdo while my NARS Nico is very subtle. So this make it easier for touch-ups. It gives a beautiful, believable sheen. It has very tiny glitters but nothing over-the-top. I dont know if you can use this all over the face as I haven't tried that yet, I haven't use this as a blush either, I only use this as a highlighter which I think works great. This is limited edition though, so for those who are interested maybe you can check out ebay or other sites that may still carry this.

Marionnaud's blush brush

I love this brush! It's so soft and the size is just right for distributing blush on my cheeks! I think this one is made of synthetic hair, it is quite dense and it picks up just the right amount of product and applies it evenly on the cheeks. I would buy this over and over again. A bonus is that it is so inexpensive, about less than 4 dollars. It killed my lemmings for high-end brushes like MAC. Though I would like to try a MAC brush too, maybe someday :D. I love a product that is affordable and yet delivers well. I dont know if they sell this in other countries like the US, I have seen a Marionnaud store in HK but Im not sure if they carry these brushes.

MAC's eye kohl in Fascinating

I love using this on my waterline. This instantly gives me the wide-awake eyes and brightens my whole look.This is also very long lasting. I actually don't use this much during touch-ups but I still carry it though just in case :)


I love toting this coz it's so cute- nuff said :)

Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating pressed powder in Beige Lumineux (in tacky packaging o_O)

You must be wondering at first what product this is? This is the Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating pressed powder in Beige Lumineux :D. I was so lucky to score a refill of this since the one that is available in Guerlain counters is so expensive! I cant find a more decent case to put this, so I guess this vintage-y cardboard would do fine :) I dont mind not having the luxurious packaging, because the product is so excellent! This is my most favorite pressed powder :) I love using this for touch-ups. Below is a photo of what the actual product looks like~

*photo taken from Guerlain's website

Etude House Dear Darling Tint

Gives me the i-just-ate-a-popsicle lips :D. I dont wear lipsticks, I actually dont own one :P I cant stand the ickyness of the lipstick on my lips (maybe I should opt for a matte formula noh?) I also think that lipsticks make my lips more noticeable which I don't like since I already got thick lips and I dont want to emphasize them anymore :( This here, gives the perfect got-bitten-lips. Perfect for touch-ups since it comes with a doe-foot wand, it spreads and stains my lips so easily you only need a few swipes and you're good to go. This is not very lasting though, Im still on the hunt for the perfect lipstain, so goodluck to me :P

Aveeno essential Moisture Lip balm & the oh so cutesy & yummy Gelato Chocolate lipbalm :)

Im not really a fan of lip products as I have said in my previous posts, but whenever I experience chapped, dry, cracked lips (which I often do) this is my go-to products. I like Aveeno coz it moisturizes my lips so well without being overly greasy. It also has a bonus SPF 15 too! I love my Gelato lipbalm just the same, it's not really that great in moisturizing my lips but it smells like chocolates! I love using it just for that reason alone :p and the packaging it came with is so cute! looks just like a pint of ice cream :)

Oil Blotters

I can never leave the house without this! Im such on oily gal so this is a must for me. My favorite is the Clean & Clear Oil Control Films, absorbs oil so well, leaves my makeup looking fresh everytime :)

MAC's Fix+

This (as well as the Guerlain powder) is not really in my makeup bag coz it doesn't fit there but I included this because I use this also for retouch. I spray this on my face after applying powder and voila! no more powdery look :) I use this quite often, it takes away the powdery look without ruining my makeup. As you can see in the picture, I am already running out :( Im not sure if I'll repurchase though.

Phew! That was quite long :D
That's it for my what's in my makeup bag post :)

What about you? What's in your makeup bag? Do share ;)

Peace & Love


  1. Did you really hit pan on the Guerlain meteorites packaging? Nice stuff and the MAC MSF sure looks really pretty! :)

  2. Hi pammy! No I havent hit the pan yet :) super tipid naman kasi gamitin niyan tapos I use brush pa, refill lang, wala siya kasama case, if I remember correctly, wala pa yatang 1k yan :)

    true! perfect topping is real pretty, not too frosty like the other MSFs :)