Friday, December 10, 2010

a review: Nars Sex Appeal

Nars Sex Appeal

I bought this one despite the mixed reviews, and boy am I glad I did!! Nars Sex Appeal is L-O-V-E!! It gives me "the glow", brightens up my face, and it makes my skin look flawless (haha, I know Im a bit overreacting coz my skin is far from being flawless) even Robbie (one of my favorite NARS SA) said so. I think this is the perfect blush for me because the color is so subtle you can never overdo it!! It's a light peach blush with a hint of pink in it. You have to swipe this blush for like 3-5 times on your cheeks to get some color (thats how subtle this blush is). It's quite unusual for NARS since most of their blushes are uber pigmented, you just need one swirl of your brush and your good to go. I had a hard time swatching this, I swatched this heavily for about 5 times on my arm to make the color appear. Here are samples of the swatches:

It appears baby pink here, but on my cheeks, it's a beautiful pale peach!

Here's a swatch of Sex Appeal side by side with Nars DT,
I sometimes wear it over Nars DT :)

I think this would look good on ladies NC30 and below, I am NC20-25 in MAC and it looks just like a natural flush! I think you ladies would have to try it at the Nars counter to see what I mean *wink*

see that sheen just above my cheekbones? that's Copacabana!

:) see? it's peach!
aacckk!! I look greasy here! :P

the good:

this has a matte finish (i like!!)
gives you that pretty natural flush
looks absolutely natural
difficult to overdo

the bad:

the hefty price tag
you need several swipes for the color to show up thus easy to hit pan on
again, the Nars packaging
it doesnt last very long on my oily face :(

Will I repurchase?

a resounding YES!! :)

just to share, here's what Im wearing:

  • YSL Matt Touch for my primer
  • Guerlain Parure Gold 01 (its a sample I got)
  • Guerlain Les Voilettes loose powder
  • Nars Sex Appeal
  • Nars Copacabana
  • Fashion 21 for my eyeliner
  • MAC Fascinating on waterline
  • Geo Angel Brown for my lenses :D
  • got no lipstick (im not a fan of glosses, balms and lipsticks) I just dont like how they feel on my lips, makes me want to lick my my lips everytime :[ I use lipstains instead :)

Peace & Love♥


  1. its so light like nothing on your skin @_@!!

    but your skin looks so pretty here =D!

  2. @♥ Pixie D ♥ it really is subtle, I took those shots with my point & shoot camera =D so the flash kinda washes out the color but I really like the way it came out on my cheeks :) your skin is so pretty too, you have no pores!! lucky you ;) btw, I followed you, nice blog :)