Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the HG list part 1

Hello everyone, I would like to share to you the list of my HG beauty items. Ive been collecting makeup for more than 2 years now and Ive tried lots of products, sadly most of them didnt work for me. I am always on the lookout for a new beauty product as I am always hoping that I would find my HG. For over 2 years of searching, I can now say that I found my HGs (for now) not all of them are perfect but I can say that all of them address my needs and they perform quite well according to my expectations.

I would start with my base:

My HG moisturizer would be Cetaphil Lotion

I only use this during the cold, dry months. I have very oily skin so I only use this whenever I get dry patches on my jaw line and on the skin around my mouth which happens a lot when I am under hydroquinone. It moisturizes my skin the whole day without adding oil to my already oily face. It is very light on the face too! I love this :)


For sunblock, I love my Neutrogena SPF 50

Way back, 2 years ago I never cared about sunblocks. Baaaadd.. I know TT_TT, I should've cared more. It is now one of the most important part of my skin care, I never go out without it ;) Since Im also using hydroquinone for my acne, sunblock is really a must for me. I love this particular sunblock because I love how light it is on the face, the high spf (SPF 50), very easy to find since this is available locally, and no white cast in pictures! can you just say LOVE?


For Primer, YSL Matt Touch TOPS my list!!

I can't find anything bad to say about this primer really! I never looked for another primer since I get to try this!! I actually got this during a bazaar and I got 2 of this for very low prices, I think 600 pesos apiece(US$13-14).This is heaven sent for me! I love its texture, my face feels so matte & silky whenever I apply this. It makes my face a perfect canvass for foundation. Whatever foundation I wear with this goes on smoothly and blends easily with my skin. It prolongs the wear of my foundation and helps making it look fresh even after a few hours. I find that it works extremely well with my Dior Extreme Foundie (which is my HG as well). My makeup last the whole day despite the humid weather, I only need to blot for a few times but that's just my skin's fault since Im uber oily! It looks fresh again after blotting (no kidding!). It has a bonus SPF 12 too! What more can I ask for? I feel so lucky to have found this :)I have two colors, yellow and pale blue. I honestly don't find any difference between them. It says in the packaging that pale blue would give brightness to your face while the yellow one would even out your skin tone.

(im sorry I didnt do a swatch, Im saving every bit of this as Im afraid I would run out :()


For Concealer, it's MAC Studio Finish

I have several concealers in my stash(Oleary Covermark, Cinema Secrets, Artdeco, James Cooper). This is my favorite among them because it's very pigmented, you only need a little tiny bit and it will cover/erase your spots like magic! I only need to set it with powder and it will last the whole day :)There's just one thing I kinda hate about this- it's VERY yellow!! The shade I got is NW25,the SA told me that since Im warm/yellow toned I should get the NW since it will counteract the redness of my pimple scars. My fault also since I swatched this myself in the counter,I should've go out under natural light to see if the shade really match me :( But I still love this since this is the most lasting among my concealers and despite the wrong shade, I still find this very good in concealing. The consistency is quite hard and not so creamy which I like since it tends to stick more to my face. I dont use this on my undereye area since my Dior extreme Fit does the job of covering my dark circles very well. I only use this to cover my acne scars.


For foundation, it's definitely Dior Forever Extreme Fit

I am a foundation junkie, I love to try different kinds of foundations may it be low-end or high-end. My favorite/go-to foundation as of the moment is Dior Forever Extreme Fit. I just love how it feels on my skin, it provides great coverage without the feeling of being heavy at all! What I really love about this is that it doesnt transfer! dont you just hate it when you blot and some of your foundation just transfer to the tissue? Dior Forever wont do that :) It has pretty good oil-control, & last the whole day on my very oily face, EXTREME WEAR indeed!! The best thing of all is that it looks so natural you dont look like you have a makeup on! :) Oh! It comes with a pump too and has added SPF on!


For my loose powder it's a tie between NARS & Guerlain Les Voilette

This is my very first colored loose powder, I have it in shade Eden. It is a good setting powder, it sets my foundation quite perfectly. I googled reviews before I bought this and most of them said that it will give you that "soft-focus" effect. Well, I have not seen much of that raved effect but I do love how it settles on my face. It's quite powdery upon application but after a while it does sets beautifully. It's poor in controlling oil but when I do oil up I don't end up looking like an oil slick but just dewy and glowy.

ooh, it comes with a velour puff too :)

it has that mesh-like sifter which I find quite useless

Ive been using this for more than a year already, but I still have so many left! You get a lot of powder for the price :)

Why Guerlain?

I tried many loose powder before this, I actually bought this because of the very luxurious packaging ;). I never thought I would like the powder this much! It is very finely milled, it settles & blends with my skin beautifully upon application. No more powdery look with this one! I always get the glow I wanted when I apply this. It smells like "violets", just like the Meteorites balls. (see my first post for full review, photos and swatches)


For my finishing powder it's YAY! for Guerlain Meteorites in Mythic

I've had this for more than a year now, it's hella expensive but I love it!! I always use this when I feel like my foundation is too matte, it adds a certain glow/appeal to my complexion. It does have very tiny glitters when you look at it more closely but you wouldn't notice it once it's applied on the face.

looks like candies no? this is the prettiest thing in my makeup stash!



  1. nice hg list!! very high end too.. i bought mine in quiapo the mini mall (na hindi mall with jollibee inside).. i asked camille where she bought her traincase kasi..

  2. thanks sis :) mapapapunta yta ako ng quiapo for traincase! love yours sis, not the typical traincase kasi, buti na lang you listen to your mom hehe :)

  3. only... wow!!! beautiful products :D
    i follow u!

  4. thanks Alessandra! followed you back! happy holidays :)