Sunday, December 5, 2010

a review: Nars Nico~

It's been on my wishlist for quite sometime now, and after some thoughts on whether to get it or not, I finally bit the bullet and dragged myself to the nearest department store :P


I am a fan of the not-so-matte but dewy & glowy kind of look :) I mean, who wouldnt want that? That's the reason why I always look for products that will give me that kind of effect. I am used to wearing liquid foundations and I always set them with powder either pressed or loose, and I sometimes get that very matte/powdery/dull look that I hate. It looks very unnatural, like Im wearing too much powder (eek!). This started my love for highlighters/luminizers. I just couldnt live without them, I especially love my Nars Copacabana, as it gives me the most natural sheen.

I came across Nars Nico while I was checking out some Nars blushes.. I was a little confused coz it looks just like a pressed powder and yet it is placed among other Nars blushes. I tried googling for reviews and found out that many women actually use this as their setting powder. Some even said that it gives the same effect as the Guerlain Meteorites Balls, so with that I was sold!! :P After debating (still) with myself, if I still need this (I already have Guerlain Meteorites in Mythic). I decided to just let the boyfie do the decision making for me :D I was hoping (I think, LOL) that he will kill my lemming for this, but since the boyfie spoils me so much, he just gave me the "go" signal :) (Im spoiled rotten like that, I know :()

So without further ado, here's some swatches and my INITIAL thoughts on Nars Nico~

It wasnt Love at first swatched I tell you, I find Nico a bit powdery like a regular pressed powder, and it's not finely milled either. You have to blend it well to get that sheen. It is much more subtle as a highlighter than Nars Albatross, I find Albatross very shimmery and can look fake if not blended well. I tried dusting this on my whole face and I can say that it does give a certain appeal/dimension to your complexion, but nothing that would amaze me :( Guerlain wins in this category and I guess it would forever hold that spot for me :)

I think this is very good for touch-ups, since I really dont like the idea of toting my Guerlain balls with me everytime I go out. This would also look great as a setting powder for concealer on the undereye area :) All in all, I like this but wouldnt recommend this to everyone. This is just my initial review as I only used it once, I used a cheap, local brush to apply this.. maybe it's in the brush noh?

the good:

nice subtle sheen

can be a dupe for Guerlain meteorites for that ethereal glow



-finishing/setting powder for that lovely glow

-eyeshadow base

-setting powder for concealer {instantly brightens up the undereye area, bye bye dark circles!!)

-subtle/very natural highlight for browbones cheekbones, nosebridge, cupid's bow

-you can also use this for blending/taming pigmented blush

the bad:

it hurts in the pocket

a little powdery/not finely milled

you can use it as a setting powder BUT dont expect oil-control coz there is NONE!

the classic black rubber case attracts powder & dust

Will I repurchase?

Maybe, if I ran out and if I have some extra moolah :) I think this is a good purchase since you can use it several ways :)

Peace & Love♥♥


  1. true, hurts in the pocket. i never had nars hahaah! maybe, someday. i will purchase one. (pag nagwork na ko ;p) anyways, it looks very promising. sometimes yoko din ng masadong matte. highlighter lang ang solutions ko (yung hindi masadong expensive then i mixed it to my moisturizers) hahaha! Anyways, nice review sis! I'll wait for more

  2. before I had no plans talaga on buying/splurging on expensive makeups kaya lang I realized na mas makakatipid pa pala ako coz they last long, maganda quality at nasasayahan naman ako, kaya go lang sis hehe.. I read reviews muna and I test first sa counter para hindi naman sayang purchase ko ;) I super love highlighters! make a review naman sis of how you use your highlighters :)

  3. great dupe of smashbox artificial luminizing lotion in diffuse :) thanks for the review. Will try that soon

  4. I bet the smashbox is much cheaper? go for the cheaper one sis :)or if you're really looking for a GREAT highlighter Id suggest you check out NARS Copacabana!! It's my HG I love it to bits!! :)