Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First post!! I'll dedicate this to my fave brand, Guerlain :D

I cant believe Im writing this!! Im so excited!!.. My first ever post to my first ever blog!! :P

Okay, so I decided to make a review for my first post and here it goes:

Guerlain Les Voilettes Mineral Loose Powder

Such a luxurious packaging!! I actually wanted this for that reason alone LOL!! I know it sounds pathetic but it's so pretty that I just wanted to have it. The shade I got is 03 Beige Naturel. The MA at the counter tried the 02 and 03 on both sides of my face, both have good coverage and it was hard to tell which one is the closest to my skin color. We then decided with the help of my younger sister to choose 03 instead of 02, (I am btw NC20-25 shade in MAC). I was a bit hesitant at first because my first Guerlain foundation (Parure Extreme, 02 Beige Clair) which I believe is the lightest shade, oxidized on me. I ask her then if their Loose Powder will do the same thing and she said no. I believed her and proceeded with my purchase. To my dismay, after my first application, I realized that I got the wrong shade, it is a tad darker than my color :(. The lighting in the departmnet store fooled me. I looked a bit tan with this, but luckily it didnt oxidize on me :)

So, my advice to all the ladies out there, make sure you try it first at the counter and make sure you see it under natural light because there's really a BIG difference. Im still happy though because I really love the texture of this, no more powdery look for me (yes NARS im looking at you) and it really blends with the skin. It's the finest Loose Powder I have! I love it! Scroll down for swatches :)

Blended. See that nice sheen? :)

I love the black puff :)

Please excuse the nails, I havent been able to change my polish for 2 weeks :P

and here's me, 2 hours after applying Guerlain Les Voilettes
(sorry about the dress, Im wearing my pambahay when this picture was taken :P)
the color now matches with my skin which I find a bit odd since the shade is a little darker at first application :P Its perfect for pictures, no white cast!

the good:

very fine powder, looks like second skin when blended well

i looked glowy! not powdery :P

has little coverage (which I like)

looks very good even after blotting :)

very posh packaging :)

has that distinct Guerlain meteorites scent (violets!!)

the bad:

expensivo!! (we got it during Guerlain's sale but still..)

I find it quite hard to get the powder out :(

changes the color of the foundation/not translucent

it emphasized some of my dry patches (I didnt put a moisturizer under)

no spf. boo!! :(

Will I repurchase?

Yes! In a heartbeat! :)

(thanks boyfie for this, I received this as a late birthday present btw)

Tata for now, Peace & Love!♥